Engineering Simulation

Catalytic Converter

We closely work with our customers as engineering simulation consultants and provide service in assessing the performance of existing product designs as well as in designing more efficient and robust products. Decades of work that we have put in doing structural, thermal and fluid flow simulation can be utilised by engineering teams to solve some of the most challenging design problems.

We also help engineering teams in evaluating product failures and assist them in their design improvement processes. Our knowledge in the field of test and measurement systems coupled with engineering analysis capabilities makes us a very unique team capable of handling design challenges that involve consideration of the effect of mutiple field types. Connect with us to seek our support in your product design and analysis requirements. We have helped our customers in doing engineering simulation and design improvement in diverse application areas that cover automotive tires, transmission gearbox, bearings, automotive suspension, clutch, radiators, engine mounts, hydraulic test rigs, chemical process equipment, etc.

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Shock Stress Evaluation

Large structures, like marine gearbox, when subjected to shock due to operational conditions need to be designed for protection against high stresses that are generated.

Marine Gearbox

Using finite element mechanical stress analysis effect of such demanding operating conditions can be assessed and designed for. We have expertise in doing such and similar finite element analysis based simulation for our customers. Based on our experince in industry, we not only perform analysis of the propsed design, we also work with you on the design problem and arrive at a solution to the possible failure modes at design stage itslef.

Multiphase Flow Analysis for Drug Delivery

We work with our customers in modeling multiphase mixing phenomenon including particle mixtures and design of flow passages for efficient drug delivery. We can handle particle to particle force quantification and can extend a CFD simulation result set into a product design metrics for design optimization based on flow passage effectiveness to achieve fluid stream objectives.


Write to us describing your product design needs against flow related phenomenon and we will get back to you with the right CFD simulation based approach to solve your specific problem. You could use our domain expertise in controlling turbulence and enhancing effects of turbulence in your flow passages.

Automotive Radiator under Vibratory Loads

Automotive radiators are subjected to structural and thermal loads. The structural loads are vibratory in nature due to vehicle motion. Such loads not only depend on the vibration from the vehicle, but also, vibrations that are transmitted from the road.


While designing radiators one has to consider various operational load conditions and design the product to meet challenging operatiing conditions. We engage with our customers at design stage to understand the application requirements and assist in designing a product that would stand the rigorous field trials and usage conditions.