Automotive Tire Noise Simulation Software

SilentRoll Tyre Noise Simulation Software

Tire noise is the second largest noise component in an automotive vehicle generated external noise. The ability to assess tire noise at design stage enables tire designers to design lower noise tires and optimize the tire design for desired noise performance. In view of UN ECE Regulation No. 117, it will be increasingly more important to design lower noise tires in the years ahead.

SilentRoll enables tire designers to easily model noise generation mechanism from road-tire interaction and offers features to optimize tire design such that lower noise emission design options can be selected.

SilentRoll is used by many tire companies across the globe to design low noise tires. We closely work with tire designers to understand their needs and add new features to our product.

Simulate and Optimize Tire Noise

SilentRoll allows tire engineers to consider the effect of various tire components and the tread pitch designs. Using SilentRoll the tire designers can optimize a given tread pitch combination for most desirable sound signature.

SilentRoll Tire Sound Player

SilentRoll Tyre Noise Audio Player

Tire Tread Design Optimization

The tire could be divided into multiple tracks for track offset effect simulation on tire noise. SilentRoll gives as an output the optimized tread pitch sequence and also the dB and dBA levels of tyre noise. SilentRoll models tire carcass and tire tread portion for their contribution to tire noise and the formulation arrives at the excitation of surrounding air based on the tire surface vibration under contact with the road surface..